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Clariti Toric

Clariti Toric


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Clariti Toric

Clariti Toric

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Clariti Toric

Clariti Toric

Clariti Toric

Clariti Toric

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Lens Specifications

Replacement Schedule: Monthly Disposable

Material: Somofilicon A

Oxygen Transmission: 57 Dk/t

Water Content: 56%

Pack Size:

  • 3 lenses per box

Product Description

Clariti Toric monthly lenses provide a balanced approach for comfort and health for contact lens wearers. Originally manufactured by Sauflon clariti toric contact lenses allow high levels of oxygen to reach your eye by using the latest material called Silicon Hydrogel. Clariti toric lenses feature AquaGen™ technology, this process allows the lens a continuous level of moisture to be released over the lens surface so you can enjoy hours of wear without irritation or dryness.

If you have astigmatism, you may desire a lens that stays stable during any activity to ensure crisp and clear vision. Clariti toric’s lens design allows for these lenses to remain stable during wear making them a perfect choice for toric lens wearers. Clariti toric contact lenses are monthly disposables. This means they must be removed at the end of each day, cleaned and stored and has a lens life of up to 30 days.

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