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Biomedics 1 Day Extra

Biomedics 1 Day Extra


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Biomedics 1 Day Extra

Biomedics 1 Day Extra

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Biomedics 1 Day Extra

Biomedics 1 Day Extra

Biomedics 1 Day Extra

Biomedics 1 Day Extra

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Lens Specifications

Replacement Schedule: Daily Disposable

Material: Ocufilcon D

Oxygen Transmission: 27 Dk/t

Water Content: 55%

Pack Size:

  • 30 lenses per box
  • 90 lenses per box

Product Description

Manufactured by Coopervision, Biomedics 1 Day Extra are designed to offer a good level of comfort while accurately correcting both long and short-sighted prescriptions. Biomedics 1 Day Extra’s feature two base curves (8.6 & 8.8) this creates a much better fit for a wide range of wearers.

These lenses feature an excellent moisture locking technology built into each lens and allow most users to comfortably wear their lenses for up to 10 hours a day for a recommended max of 6 days a week.

Biomedics 1 Day Extra is incredibly each to use, no cleaning, no storing, no hassle. Each pack contains 30 soft contact lenses, which you can simply discard at the end of every day and replace them with a fresh pair the next.

*Biomedics 1 Day Extra have been rebranded by high street opticians as; Specsavers Easyvision Clarision Daily, Boots Premium Daily and Vision Express Eyexpert Fine 1 Day.

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