Navigating Pupil Distance (PD) with Ease: Your Personal Guide to Online Glasses Shopping

Navigating Pupil Distance (PD) with Ease: Your Personal Guide to Online Glasses Shopping

Embarking on your online glasses journey? Let's talk about a critical detail that can transform your experience – Pupil Distance (PD). Join me as we explore the ins and outs of PD, understand the differences between monocular and binocular measurements, and most importantly, demystify the process of measuring it accurately.

Demystifying Pupil Distance (PD)

Ever wondered why PD is a big deal? Well, it's the secret sauce that ensures your glasses fit like a dream, giving you not just clear vision but the perfect, personalized feel.

Monocular vs. Binocular PD: The Lowdown

  • Monocular PD: Giving each eye its moment in the spotlight. Perfect for varifocal lovers who enjoy that personalised touch.

  • Binocular PD: A teamwork approach, measuring the distance between both pupils. The go-to for those rocking single vision lenses.

The Beauty of Virtual Try-On

Good news! Our virtual try-on feature automatically measures your binocular PD, making the process a breeze. Just another way we're putting the 'ease' in online glasses shopping. CLICK HERE to shop our glasses

Varifocals and the Optician's Touch

For varifocal wearers, we recommend reaching out to your optician for that extra touch of precision. While they may charge a fee, some are happy to help measure your PD, ensuring your varifocals fit like a glove.

DIY PD Measurement: A Friendly Guide

  1. Ruler and a Friend: Grab a friend for some DIY fun! With a ruler, measure from the middle of your forehead to the centre of each pupil while looking into the distance. Repeat for both eyes.

  2. Binocular PD Magic: For an accurate binocular PD, place the ruler above the centre of one pupil and read the measurement to the centre of the other eye's pupil. Easy peasy!

How to measure your PD

Important Reminder: Measurements in MM's

Oh, the magic of millimetres! Don't forget, PD measurements are in mm – the little details that make a big difference when ordering your glasses online.

Closing Thoughts

Personalising your Pupil Distance isn't just about getting glasses; it's about getting glasses that feel uniquely yours. Dive into our collection at, Now That's Quality Eyes.

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